About Us

As a working mom, I know the challenges of breastfeeding and working all too well. You don’t have time during the day to pump, no available facilities, not much understanding from bosses and colleagues, and don’t forget the dreadful undressing on a cold winter's morning in an impersonal storeroom or car to express milk. I wanted a solution. Something that would fit my lifestyle, save me time (as mommies, we all know how important time is) and make my breastfeeding journey easier overall. Something that could help not only me, but also other mommies to give their little ones the best without the hassle and the stress.

After lots of research and chats with mommies all over the globe, my path crossed with an amazing lady in Australia who found the perfect solution that was loved by Aussie moms. This is where Youha South Africa was born. Youha was not only the convenient, portable, hands-free solution I was looking for, but it was also discreet, comfortable, and well priced. It was definitely something I had to share with my fellow breastmilk-loving moms out there! 

I really hope that the Youha products will be as life-changing for you as they were for me.