Youha Breast Milk Storage Bags 180ml - 50 bags
Youha Breast Milk Storage Bags 180ml - 50 bags

Youha Breast Milk Storage Bags 180ml - 50 bags

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The Youha Breast Milk Storage Bags are the perfect solution for breastfeeding mothers in need of a safe and practical method to store their precious breast milk. Offering convenience, reliability, and hygiene, this storage bag is designed to meet your breastfeeding needs with ease.


• Secure and leak proof: The bag features a double zipper leak-proof design, which prevents any leakage and ensures that the stored breast milk remains secure and protected.

• Food-grade material: The Youha Milk Storage Bag is made of LDPE + PET food-grade material. It is free from BPA (Bisphenol A) and designed to ensure the safety and hygiene of stored breast milk.

• Large capacity: Each Youha Milk Storage Bag has a generous capacity of 180ml/6oz, providing ample space to store an adequate amount of breast milk for your baby's needs.

• Easy measurement: The milk storage bag has a clear and visible gradation mark on its backside. This allows you to accurately measure and monitor the amount of milk stored.

• Record keeping: Each bag has a designated area where you can conveniently write down the date, time, and volume of the stored milk. This helps you keep track of your milk supply and ensures proper rotation of stored milk.

• Space saving: The storage bags have a space-saving design and can be laid flat or placed upright. This makes them easy to store in refrigerators, freezers, or diaper bags, maximizing space efficiency.

• DISPOSABLE. The Youha Milk Storage Bag is meant for one-time use only. This disposable nature ensures cleanliness and eliminates the need for cleaning or sterilizing reusable containers, saving time and effort.


• Open the zipper seal to pour in the milk

• Tear off one corner to pour out the milk


The milk stored in the milk storage bag can only be thawed once, and cannot be resealed and re-refrigerated repeatedly; otherwise, it will easily cause spoilage and bacterial growth.